Package Wastewater Treatment Plants solve wastewater problems. They make it possible for motels and service stations to be built along interstate highways far from towns...subdivisions to be planned in scenic areas miles beyond sewer lines...factories to be located on outlying sites.

JET's Package Plants operate on the extended aeration principle, treating wastewater by a biological process called aerobic digestion. In this process, microscopic organisms use oxygen to "digest" wastewater and transform it into clear odorless liquid.



Pre-Treatment. In a JET Plant, large objects in the wastewater are caught by pre-treatment devices such as bar screens, trash traps, or comminutors (wastewater grinders) and broken down before being allowed to pass into the aeration chamber. Untreatable material like plastic or metal is kept out completely.

Aeration. After pre-treatment, the wastewater flows into an aeration tank where it is mixed with air. Air Diffusers at the bottom of the aeration tank bubble in large amounts of air for two purposes - to meet the oxygen demand of the aerobic digestion process and to mix the aeration tank, the pre-treated wastewater is held for 24 hours while being transformed into a clear odorless liquid.

Settling. From the aeration tank the treated liquid flows into a settling tank that holds the liquid completely still. Here any small particles in suspension settle to the bottom and are returned to the aeration tank for further treatment.

This settling process in the final tank of a JET Plant leaves a clear, highly treated water at the top. Only this highly treated liquid (called "effluent") leaves the plant and returns to the environment.

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