Is Your Septic Tank Backing Up?

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Our team can service most makes and models

Like any other piece of equipment, septic tanks will wear down and break eventually, leaving you with a big problem. But there's no reason to panic when you have problems with your septic system. You can turn to American Wastewater Systems for the repairs you need. Our technician can clean out or pump your tank, install a sewage system for a new home, upgrade an existing system with a 500 GPD BEST 1 or provide service. Call us if you notice...

Toilets are flushing slowly
Water is backing up in your sinks, toilets or tubs
Gurgling in your drains
The grass over your septic system is greener
Unusual puddles, sogginess or pits in your yard
An unusual odor in or around your home

You can rely on us to find and fix the problem with your septic system. Make an appointment by calling 337-873-3128.

Install a modern wastewater treatment system

Install a modern wastewater treatment system

Not all septic systems are the same. If yours is old or outdated, consider upgrading with a modern system. We can install a BEST 1 500 GPD wastewater treatment system that uses an extended aeration process to treat sewage by stabilizing the organic matter. By mixing fresh and treated sewage in an oxygen-saturated environment with continuously controlled sludge return, our system produces a clear, odorless effluent that's cleaner and safer for the environment.

Learn more about the difference our powerful wastewater treatment systems can make when you contact us today.